Rocks, Gems & Minerals

San Diego County is known worldwide for the Himalaya tourmaline mine, located in Mesa Grande just ten miles from our store. Beautiful deep pink, green, bicolor , catseye and watermelon tourmaline all are found at this mine which has been operating on and off since 1898. We carry tourmaline from this mine and the Cryogenie Mine at Warner Springs, as well as kunzite and phantom smoky quartz crystals from the Pala Chief mine.

We also carry the following stones:

•Massage wands in assorted stones plus books on Crystal Massage and Healing
•Arkansas quartz crystals
•Shiva Lingams
•Sulfur from Mexico
•Fluorite in blue-green and violet crystal form, banded colors in fist-size chunks
•Dyed agate slices in pink, blue, purple, orange, green and natural colors
•Pyrite suns from Sparta Illinois in iridescent colors
•Massive pyrite and individual cubic crystals in matrix
•Lamps in salt, calcite, and satin spar selenite
•Huge chunks of Mexican calcite in green, pink and orange, and layered orange and yellow with hematite bands
•Celestite crystal geode chunks
•Assorted geodes from Dugway Utah and Mexico
•Arizona petrified wood
•Many kinds of agate and jasper from California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada
•Obsidian chunks and Apache Tears from California and Nevada
•Lepidolite and micro Tourmaline specimens from the Cryogenie Mine at Warner Springs, Ca.