At last we are on our way to a new adventure…..the annual Rockhound Pow Wow in Prineville Oregon. This will be our first time attending this event so our expectations are high. Of course we have as usual planned several stops along the way, with the first being Davis Creek, CA for some obsidian. Not just plain black obsidian, but silver sheen, rainbow, iris (pink and purple sheen) and the mahogany needles for which this area is famous…! We got a map along with our collecting permit in Alturas CA at the National Forest office there so were all set when arrived at the tiny hamlet of Davis Creek which is on Hwy 395 just a few miles before the Oregon border.

After making a couple of wrong turns on the winding dirt roads we found the Pink Lady mine where we picked up some gorgeous chunks of the pink sheen and a couple of small pieces of the iris variety. This type of obsidian has a silver background instead of black so be sure you inspect each piece in sunlight or you will miss it!

From there we tried to find the rainbow obsidian but only found a few small pieces in an area that looked pretty worked out. It seems that we went too far and were actually at the Lassen Creek rainbow site which is about ten miles from the one we were trying to find! If you want to access this area yourself, I recommend using the Northern California Gem Guides by James Mitchell for a better set of directions. Despite our wanderings we did find some nice mahogany pieces in an area where we found chunks in the road. In fact, if you watch for float in the road it will tell you where to stop and check both sides of the road for obsidian. We found the silver sheen in this manner. Somewhere along the way we picked up a small chunk of dark green as well.

We ran out of daylight before we were ready to quit looking so spent the night at Lassen Creek campground among the tall pines. The next day we headed for Plush Oregon and sunstone, leaving the obsidian needles for another day.