Beads are the newest addition to our line of products here at Crossroads Treasures. I recently had the opportunity to acquire a collection of Venetian millifiore glass trade beads from the late 1800’s. These beads were used in Africa as currency allowing the traders to barter with the native people in return for ivory, gold, palm oil and even slaves. We have a good selection of these antique beads in different shapes, sizes and patterns.

In addition to the trade beads we also have a great inventory of many other kinds of beads for your jewelry making needs, from pearls and glass to turquoise and spiny oyster shell beads. We also have lots of agate and jasper beads of many kinds as well as some precious stone beads such as opal, tourmaline, apatite, amethyst and garnet.
Please stop by soon to browse through our great new beading collection!